Why Union Contractors?

In construction, it is usually the contractor that decides to be “union.”  So why have over 500 local area contractors made the decision to be union?

  1. Recruitment:  Our unions have staff dedicated to recruiting potential new employees in an industry that needs 185,000 new skilled workers in each of the next ten (10) years nationally, and locally, where demand is expected to increase by 24% over the next seven (7) years.  The benefits offered to these new recruits includes  training, at no cost to them, respectful wages, and a comprehensive healthcare and retirement benefits package.  These benefits insure that the unions attract the best available candidates in the marketplace. 
  2. Training:  Our unions train all their workers at no cost to their contractors. Their training has resulted in a workforce that works safer. Having a workforce that works safer results in lower workmens’ compensation premiums. 
  3. Instant Access To Skilled Personnel:  Having access to the unions’ local, regional, and national network of skilled workers is invaluable in a marketplace where skilled labor is in short supply. 
  4. Seamless Worker Mobility:  Contractors have instant access to this reliable pool of skilled workers that occurs seamlessly.

For more information about putting these benefits to work for you, which in turn will give you access to the most prominent local construction projects, please e-mail us at info@buildRI.org